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Our Mandate

Kingdom Mandate Radio is ‘The Prophetic Voice of Online Radio’. Our mission is to awaken God’s Prophetic Church and to make disciples of all nations per The Great Commission given by Jesus Christ.

Broadcasts of dynamic and anointed preachers teaching sound doctrine grace our airwaves. We aim to increase our listeners understanding of God’s Holy Word. In addition we have daily prayer broadcasts to ignite a fire for intercession and fulfill our mandate to pray without ceasing.

Recently we have included our School of Ministry teachings on a wide vary of classes from The Prophetic to Deliverance and other in demand subjects. Our platform also remains a place where independent Gospel Artists are proudly highlighted and supported

Our Visionary

Marie Njai-Daniels is a prophetic oracle called to sound the trumpet, revive believers to pray, raise disciples, and sharpen the prophetic sword of the Church.

Born and raised in Gambia as a Muslim her life is a living epistle of a life redeemed and transformed by the power of Christ Jesus.

Partner with us

Our station is maintained by the donations of our generous partners, help us reach the nations and fulfill Biblical mandates for such a time as this.


Kingdom Mandate Sponsors

Broadcast Line up

Please send us a message if you have a prayer request, song request, or need a copy of our broadcasts.


    1 262-751-1678

    P.O.Box 1962 Waukesha, WI 53187


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